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TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) uses a sequence of seven exercises, designed by Dr David Berceli, to trigger a natural shaking mechanism within the body which helps to release long held tension patterns, stress and trauma from the body. This release allows the nervous system, which can get stuck in primitive survival strategies (commonly known as flight/flight/freeze), to reboot and rebalance.

Although relatively new to the UK, TRE is used by thousands around the world for easy, every day stress release, as well as being effective in helping with physical and mental health, chronic stress, tension and trauma. It has been widely used in the forces and with survivors of sexual abuse for the treatment of PTSD.

No matter your personal story, you can use TRE to bring your body back to a natural state of equilibrium. When we work from a place of balance, all things are possible!


“All humans have an innate capacity to heal from traumatic experiences. We as a species are genetically encoded with the capacity to heal ourselves. Not only can we heal from traumatic experiences, but trauma itself has been part of the natural evolutionary process of our species, and all traumatized individuals have access to this natural healing method that is genetically encoded within them.”

David Berceli

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