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Dedicated to Wellbeing

I have long been passionate about contributing in ways that make positive change in the world. In 2005, a severe life-changing illness enabled me to begin to connect with this more deeply. It forced me to take stock of my life and my values. I moved away from my design background and began to really connect with my life purpose, to empower others to also connect with their life purpose and with what well-being means for them.  

Today I work as an integrative psychotherapist. I teach mindful movement through Pilates and I offer sessions in tension and trauma releasing (TRE®). Here's how that happened...

I discovered and fell in love with Pilates, having experienced firsthand just how powerful and transformative the method and movement as a whole can can be, and so completed my teacher training with Body Control Pilates in London in 2009, in order to share this incredible gift with others.

Over the years, my teaching has become more and more about well-being, rather than just about fitness. I love to encourage mind/body connections, to enable healing from injury (emotional and physical), to offer a useful tool during times of illness and to encourage the practice of self-care and building self-awareness.

Having practiced meditation since 1995, and training as a meditation teacher at Adore Yoga in Sydney, Australia, mindfulness wove its way into my teaching. Today I teach Pilates as a Somatic-awareness practice – to me it is mindfulness in motion.

In 2018 I experienced the healing power of TRE®, as designed by Dr. David Bercelli, and so trained to become a certified TRE® provider with Steve Haines and TRE College, London in 2019. As a firm believer that "the body keeps the score", this simple, powerful tool is a perfect bridge between my years of bodywork and psychotherapy training.

My introduction to counselling was via a post graduate certificate in the foundations of Counselling  Psychology in the late 1990s at City University, London. I continued this training  by completing a Diploma in Integrative Counselling at The Minster Centre, London and I am currently working to complete an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy, also at The Minster Centre. I work in private practice, seeing clients in-person in Hastings as well as online, and also work with the social enterprise Eggtooth (

“I’m passionate about embodied self-awareness, integrity, authenticity and encouraging people to trust their intuition and to believe in their self-worth. I care deeply about inequality and injustice and so seek to contribute to meaningful and positive change.”  Sarah



“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

Brene Brown

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