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Offering Integrative Counselling, TRE®,
somatic-awareness Pilates and meditation sessions,

in-person and online


Health and well-being is at the heart of my practice and this is true more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. I believe these times are an opportunity for us to slow down, to take stock of what's important to us, to connect with others and with ourselves.

Through years of teaching mindful movement and meditation, I've learned that minds and bodies are healthiest and happiest when they're moving, connecting to a sense of purpose and to the here and now.

Pilates, meditation, TRE® and psychotherapy are tools I personally use to rebalance, realign, nourish and nurture my well-being and it is these that I choose to offer to others.

In-person sessions available in and around Hastings

Online sessions available on zoom or Skype.



Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises – a series
of 7 simple exercises used to activate a natural tremoring reflex to release tension, stress and trauma from the body.

Therapy Session

Explore challenges in your life in a caring,
confidential, non-judgemental environment.

White Sand and Stone


Combined with Pilates or as a stand-alone
option, meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and improve overall
health and wellbeing.



Combine the benefits of Pilates & mindfulness
to strengthen and rebalance body and mind. Explore mindfulness in motion.

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